Monday, February 2, 2009

Victor's Baptism

This is my wonderful husband on his baptism day (April 7, 2007), which turned out to be Easter weekend. One of the things that attracted me to Victor was his love for the Savior. He puts nobody (not even me) above the Savior. I had been missing church in my life since I went inactive in 1989, granted I went to church here and there but it wasn't supported in my household and that made it very difficult to go. I wish now that I had a stronger testimony at that time so maybe my life would of gone more gentler than it did.

Anyway, Victor had been raised Muslim and when he came to the States he was put in Catholic school where he stayed until he graduated from High School. When he came to the States he converted to christianity and never went back to being a Muslim, although, he still respects that religion and some of it's principles. After he was out of the rule of the nuns (he didn't have good times with the nuns :0) he went from one religion to another, except LDS. When we met he had never known of Mormons and that was the beginning to it all.

We have been told many times how nobody has ever seen anyone so ready for baptism, like Victor. His baptism has been one of my greatest joys and his. We were sealed together on this past November in the Columbus Ohio temple. He is one of the ward missionaries and my life has been so enriched by his living testimony of the Savior. I love My Victor.

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Loralee and the gang... said...

What a happy story! I am so glad you found your Victor. And about the name, I had to chuckle when I saw that. I had forgotton that anyone called me that besides my brothers...and maybe a few others. But no one is allowed to call me that anymore...:D
I loved the picture of you as a child in the previous post. It really make me remember you from back then...and I think you were cute, not at all homely.