Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Announcing.....Emma Nicole

Granddaughter #3 announced herself last Friday (5/22) to her proud parents, Brian and Cameron. Her name is Emma Nicole (don't you just love that name?). Isn't she just a doll? Cute little pug nose and looks to me like the 'Holder' chin. Little Emma is due 10/10/09.

Amazing how this will be my third granddaughter, no boys...just girls. Everyone was hoping that Brian would have a boy, but he wanted a girl so he is very excited. In those first few months of a pregnancy you are cautious and don't get attached very quickly, but now he is hooked and little Emma has her little pinky wrapped around his heart.

When Brian was growing up I always gave him legos for Christmas and Birthday's, so I was hoping for a boy to continue that tradition. I wonder if little Emma would mind legos? Anyway, I am excited about granddaughter #3 and I hope with this little bundle of joy I will be able to be apart of her life. My son is my hero and I know he will not let me down. So, a trip to San Diego in October is planned, but I won't go for the birth nor plan on staying long. I learned that lesson with granddaughter #2.

Packages are being sent, but unlike granddaughter #2 I won't be buying much. Emma has another grandma that will be buying a ton and Brian is able to buy things himself. Plus, I have learned to not try and take over and realize that it is his baby and not mine. That's where I screwed up with granddaughter #2. So many lessons have been learned the hard way in the past 2 months and although painful for me to admit my errors I do admit them and have vowed I won't make those mistakes again.

Granddaughter #1 is out of my reach completely. I hope that when she is older she may have a better understanding of her birthfamily and decide for herself if she wants a relationship with her birthfamily, maybe then we can have a simple relationship. Granddaughter #2 is still unknown on my participation in her life. I pray hard everyday that I will be able to be apart of her life. I have apologized and tried to reach out, but there is silence on the other end that remains deafening.

So, little Emma is coming and hope has been restored. Excitement is coming back into my life and with a new little person coming into the world a whole new outlook begins of freshness, simplicity, purity, grace and love. I love all my granddaughters, every single one and maybe one day a grandson will join the bunch. For now, I am content with my three granddaughters. However, my passion for being a grandma has diminished and I think I have a clearer picture of my role as a grandma and I am grateful for that.

So, follow along over the next few months on Everything Emma.


Grace said...

congratulations Grandma! Emma is a beautiful name. And as far as the legos know they make some now that have lighter more "girly" colors...she might like that down the road :)

Loralee and the gang... said...

Congrats! Such a cute name!
Hey, I have a blog award waiting for you over at Life With the Carey Gang . . .