Saturday, May 16, 2009

I miss you!

Dear Best Friend,

It feels like forever since we have talked, but I know it's only been a month. The silence is deafening as I watch the calendar change it's days, day after day. My life seems empty without you in it. I miss the laughter, tears, arguments and the tender moments only felt between the two of us. I miss your beautiful smile, your bright eyes and your beautiful soul. I miss your sarcasm and your strong-will attitude. I miss all the things that make me love you and sometimes be angry with. I MISS YOU!

How long have we been best friends? I can see where in the past year we have gotten so close I could sense when you would call. I find myself getting ready to eat dinner and stop and think to myself that you will be calling any minute. Remember how you always seemed to have bad timing and call as I was just about to eat? Sometimes it got annoying, but I miss it now.

We have been close for many, many years, but you became my best friend in the past year. Over the decades we have had great times and horrible times. At times I wasn't very nice to you and sometimes you yelled at me. Sometimes I got so frustrated with you that I simply threw my hands in the air and screamed. Then there were times when you gave me so much joy that tears spilled onto my cheeks with happiness.

Do you remember how I love to play Harvest Moon? Well, I have it now and I wish that I could pick up the phone and ask you how do I buy a gift for my girlfriend. Where do I have to stand to throw the cucumbers in the lake? Do you remember how I would accidentally hit my animals with the axe, I don't do that anymore. I miss sharing those fun times with you.

Do you remember our camping trip to Mt. Hood and my secret spots? You where so shocked that you pictures. Do you remember 'What about Bob' and your famous line "I'm camping, I'm camping"? What about Dr. Mudd? I never did show you those postcards, I wish I had now. You would of loved that so much. What about North & South and The Thorn Birds? Some of our best times were spent watching those mini-series.

I could go on and on forever of all the wonderful times we have had, but also list many bad times we had as well. My dear best friend, I am sorry! Plain and simple, no other words are needed. I believe we were both hurt pretty badly and I hope there will come a day when forgiveness crosses our path and we can get back to our relationship.

I hope for that day when the phone rings at dinner time. I hope for the day when the phone rings and all I hear is tears on the other side. I hope for the day when I can call you with happy things and sad things. Mostly, I hope for you. Time has a way of healing our wounds, but I wish the clock would be in fast motion so that time would come sooner than later. Until that time comes, please know that I love best friend.

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S Carroll said...

Hang in there honey it will come in time. I love you.