Sunday, January 10, 2010


About a year or so ago the popular show Man-vs-Food came to Columbus and showcased three local restaurants with enormus size portions all with a 30 minute challenge to complete the challenge. So over the Christmas Holiday while Victor was home on vacation we decided to hit one of the spots and have him try the "Dagwood" challenge.

We went to the Ohio Deli and Restaurant just a bit south of Columbus and it is basically a building, but looks like a hole in the wall. It was in an industrial area and Victor was a bit scared to get out...he gets that way sometimes.

The "Dagwood" is a 2.5 pound sandwich piled high with Ham, Turkey and Roast Beef. Then it's topped with american and swiss cheese. Add in the garlic mayo sauce (very yummy), lettuce tomato and onion. Don't forget the pickle spear and 1 pound of french fries. Once all of that is piled on one another the sandwich measures 5.5" high, you have 30 minutes to get it ALL finished. The winner receives a T-Shirt and their picture on the "Dagwood Wall of Fame".

Here are the pictures of Victor trying to defeat the "Dagwood"

Are you ready? I hope you're hungry.

Being funny

Half of the sandwich

See my plate, empty. See Victor's...a long way to go.

Go Victor...Go Victor

Don't eat your fries with a fork, just shove them in.

I NEED a drink
The "Dagwood" defeated Victor, this is what left.
He made a valiant effort and we had a good time. It was the bread and fries that killed him. If he had 5 more minutes he would of won, but he just couldn't do it. I was proud of him anyway and it was a great memory. We could of bought a T-Shirt that said "The Dagwood beat my ***", but we declined.
There is another restaurant by OSU that we might try later on. They have whats called the "Thurman Burger". It's a monster. So, if you're ever in Columbus, Ohio I recommend the Ohio Deli and Restaurant. They have very good food, fresh and a delightful atomsphere. Even you don't eat the "Dagwood", it's a great place to eat.


Grace said...

oh wow that is a big sandwich..i know i'd be lucky to eat half of it with all the meat and cheese. Good for Victor for giving it a shot!

JoeyRes said...

I know that I couldn't do it. Although it looks appetizing in the pictures, the fries are definitely overkill.