Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Bed Monster

We all know that the dryer eats socks, but have you ever wondered where your socks go if they are not in the dryer? In my house we have "The Bed Monster".

I never wore socks to bed until I hit 40 (if your 39, your time is fast approaching) and now I can't go to bed without socks on. When Victor and I were first together I would always wear my socks to bed and when I got up in the morning only one sock would be on. He thought this was the most funniest thing he had ever seen. So just like the dryer they disappeared in that vast unknown between the sheet's and mattress.

I caught "The Bed Monster" one time when taking my sheets off the bed to wash. Ah ha, a ton of socks that I had lost in my slumber. Not just on my side of the bed, but on Victor's side and trapped at the base of the bed between the fitted sheet and top sheet. Amazing! How did my little socks (I wear a size 6 shoe) travel so far in the night? Well, for several years I thought I had "The Bed Monster" under control and he wasn't eating my socks anymore, until recently. I have been missing socks again and nope they weren't in the dryer. So, up to the bed I went. I just couldn't believe that "The Bed Monster" had reappeared. I should of known better, that sneaky monster. So I marched upstairs in full body armor and carefully pulled the covers off, hoping to catch him in the act. I couldn't believe my eyes a mass quantity of socks appeared at the farthest end of the bed you can imagine, but not yet hitting the floor. I really didn't think the monster had come back because I knew his hiding places and my socks were never there, but I kept waking up with only one sock. He found a new spot!

The stash of socks that he must of fed off of were about 5 pair in total, apparently he was very hungry. I caught him again, but I am afraid of where he will put my socks next time. Maybe I'll find them between the two mattresses, I wouldn't put it past him. So, if your dryer monster is clean you might want to check the new monster on the block "The Bed Monster".

p.s. Yes, I still go to bed wearing my socks. I'll never learn!

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Grace said...

i've worn socks to bed in the winter since i was little...our home was so cold with no insulation and if i didn't wear socks my feet felt like they were freezing. funny thing is i can't stand to wear socks once the temp. gets up to 80 degrees. i'd rather be barefoot or in sandels