Wednesday, February 4, 2009

February 4, 2009 Dr. Visit

Mallory had her doctor's appointment today and the scoop today is the following...

She had her glucose checked, it's about time...I remembering having mine done much earlier than this.

She has already had two ultrasounds, but they are scheduling the third one because her doctor said her uterus was a bit bigger than it should be at this stage of her pregnancy. Sophie's heart beat is strong, I just hope she isn't farther along then we thought because Victor bought my ticket today to fly home the 18th of April. Her due date is the 21st. She should have her next ultrasound within 3 weeks, so we will know then.

Her baby shower date has been set for March 28th. Chris's family is giving it to her, which I thought was really nice.

That's the scoop for today.

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