Saturday, February 7, 2009

Dawson, West Virginia

On my way to Richmond, Virginia we needed to make a potty break. The first thing that came up was Dawson, West Virginia. The signs said that there was a gas station and a Hotel, so didn't sound bad at all. So, we took the exit and there was nothing there but a gas station and hotel. The hotel acutally was something that looked like it came out of Psycho. Before we pulled into the gas station our GPS lady said (literally) "Please get back on your route". Hmmm, should of listened to her. The gas station had a cute outside and didn't look all that bad. I even told Victor that it was a cute little place. Once we got inside I thought I had stepped into the twilight zone. The cute outside and changed drastically to something you would see in Deliverance.

Victor made a comment that I should hurry up and so I did what I needed to do. I asked him if he was going to go and he said that he was going to keep an eye on the women's bathroom door until I came out. So, mine and his business done I wanted to get a pop and some chocolate. Did that, they had normal food. There was another obvious traveler that was asking some older gentlemen (I'm being nice) for directions and she was polite enough to say thank you even though she couldn't understand a single word they said. A pair of teeth would have helped!

So, against Victor's better judgement I went outside to get some fresh air. He stayed inside checking out their little deli section where they looked like they served fried chicken. Victor always taste stuff from the deli before he buys it, so he tasted the fried chicken. At least that's what it looked like. Now, you have to know that Victor is a human garbage disposal, he will eat anything. He tasted the "chicken" and it did not taste like chicken, so he politely asked and the lady (with no teeth, another one) told him it was "possum". He nearly threw up and ran outside to find me.

I was sitting a little bit away from the door, so while he was leaving the quaint store on the outside, but Deliverance on the inside a man passed him by. Being nice like he is, he said "howdy". This gentleman with no teeth turned and spit chewing tobacco right at Victor's feet. Victor ran to get me and we got in the truck so fast.

The other great thing about Dawson, West Virginia was that it was full of trucks. Trucks of all shapes, sizes and condition. That was the only thing that made us fit in, we were driving my truck. Back on the road to Richmond, Virginia it didn't take long to pass a policeman. It was acutally a 4x4 police truck that had a K-9 unit. I mentioned to Victor that it was a K-9 unit and he first told me that he should go back to Dawson and check out the aliens that were there. He then said that they had to have a dog, first for protection and the other to check out the "herbs" that people were using. Cracked me up!

Anyway, we left Dawson so fast we didn't get gas, so the next stop had a McDonalds so decided to take that exit. Finally, civilization even in West Virginia. By the way, Dawson, West Virginia is on the map and does have signs posted on the freeway. My advice, keep going!

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