Friday, February 6, 2009

Medication Madness

It all started with a little pill called Prozac,
way, way back in 1991.
I liked it so much I thought I had won.

In 2001 a sleeping pill,
O what a thrill.

Along came Celexa, I wasn’t on it long,
Until a new one came on.

Next came Trileptal which is terrific,
But gives me bad breath something horrific.

Prozac came back,
Welcome back!

A move to a new state,
Made me feel like I was on rollerskates.
Prozac, Trileptal and Trazadone were my constant friends,
Until I started to ache.

Trileptal no more, Seroquel on board,
I don’t want to take meds anymore.

Seroquel off, Depakote on,
I wish I didn’t have to play this song.

A new doctor I saw,
And she changed them all.

Abilify came and went,
But now, my heart needed fixed.

Zoloft she said,
Why not, let’s try.
Who does she think I am…a robot in disguise.

Next she added lamictal,
It’s ok, I take it still.

Gained to much weight,
So Depakote off and Trileptal back on.

Now let’s take cymbalta she said,
I just sit and shake my head.

Moved to Ohio in 2006,
I wonder what doctor will be next.

Up and down and all around,
My new doctor was not real sound.
Clonazepam is addictive,
Yes it’s true.
But let’s try it and see just how well you do.

I had enough of all this mess,
So I took my case to who I thought was best.

A Director they say,
Will he save my day?

$300 an hour,
You must be crazy,
10 minutes I see him,
And you think I’m crazy

He said no more cymbalta,
So Zoloft I gotta.

Sonata came too,
Heck, why not add two.

If you kept up you will now see,
Trileptal, Trazadone, Lamictal, Zoloft and Sonata
Are all for me.

Do they work you ask,
I don’t know, why not ask the quack.


Grace said...

Debbie have you ever seen a naturalpathic physician? I wonder if there are some good natural things you could take that would help you? Just a thought. But you probably already have looked into it. Hope you are doing okay today

Debbie said...

No, actually I haven't. I will check it out. Thanks for the advice. Any new suggestions help.