Sunday, February 1, 2009

Scoop on Sophie

Yep, I'm going to be a grandma. After bugging the kids for a long time now, Mallory is having her first child, Sophie Elisabeth, due the end of April. There are no words to describe the joy and excitement I feel about being a grandma. I never grew up with grandparents, so when the kids were growing up we always made sure they were around there grandparents. I think being a grandparent is God's way of finally blessing parents with a newborn in the family without all the stress. A grandchild is a special thing and I hope that I will be able to be that grandma for Sophie that I never had. This blog will be about Sophie and me being a grandma.

To catch you up to the current with Sophie here are a few milestones that Mallory has loved (me too!). Mallory is due April 21st, she just reached her 7th month. Other than Sophie's father, I was the first person Mallory told. My first reaction was reserved, since Mallory had already had a hard year with difficult challenges and from her sisters behavior with her pregnancies I really was reserved. But, once she told me their plans I was able to feel the excitement in the whole thing.

It wasn't long after I found out that I made a trip to Babies R Us for my first Grandma shopping trip. I remember sitting in the car in the parking lot just bawling. I had been wanting to have a grandchild very badly. I went into the store and must of been in there for over an hour looking at every little thing. I was amazed at all the wonderful things they have now for new parents and wish they had such cool things when I had my babies. I bought a few small things and since she was just pregnant had to buy neutral, but not yellow because Chris doesn't want Sophie to wear yellow. It was so hard to find cute little baby clothes that were neutral and not yellow. I did succeed and left the store happy.

Over the last several months I have enjoyed traveling this path with Mallory. As she calls me with stupid questions and then serious questions. She calls when her moods are clouding her judgement and she calls every time she has a doctor's appointment to give me the status. Some of my favorite things that she has said is about nipple confusion and hearing, but not together. First, nipple confusion wasn't even a term when I had my kids. Now, it's a big huge thing in the breastfeeding world and Mallory is educated in all of it. I got a big kick out of her teaching me about it and why it's so important not to confuse the baby with certain bottle nipples or pacifiers. Before I mention the hearing part, let me say that she has been a bit over the top on some of her thinking, but I love every minute of it and proves to me how mature and responsible she is being.

She had told me that Chris liked to talk to Sophie and that little Sophie responds to him when he talks to her. I had mentioned to Mallory that they say that if you put headphones on your stomach and play music that the baby will hear it and then when they are born they will respond to that noise. She clearly told me no, she could not do that because she doesn't want Sophie to go deaf. I just laughed. She preceeded to tell me that in the movie Mr. Holland's Opus that baby was born deaf because they put headphones on the stomach before he was born. She also told me that she speaks softly so she won't go deaf by loud talking also. This was one of those things I smiled about and said "Ok".

So, this is the place to get the "Scoop on Sophie" now and all the fun I will have when she is born.


Mallory said...

Pff okay Mother. It's Elizabeth. And I totally didnt say that we talked softly for her, I yell at Clairemont to much for that to be true. Plus I dunno if Mr. Holland's kid was deaf because of the headphones, I just want to be sure not to mention we dont have headphones.

There. Commented.

Debbie said...

Ok....I spell my Elizabeth with an "s" not a "z", for the record. You did to tell me you you didn't talk loudly because you didn't want her to go deaf. To be specific you said you talk "softly". Thanks for the comment you little stinker.

Grace said...

you know when i was pregnant with Sean, Robbie would always talk to my belly. When Sean was born nurses and doctors all were there throughout the day coming in after he was born...remember how crazy that is?

Well, when Wes brought Becky and Robbie to the hospital to meet Sean, I could hear Robbie talking as I held Sean in my arms. Sean obviously heard Robbie as well and now wanted to see this little boy that had been talking to him for months :) Sean cranked his little head toward the door and the sounds of his big brother Robbie. I'll never forget how cute that was

Have fun being a Grandma Debbie.