Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Guest of the Week

I get a phone call from Guest Services that went like this:

Ring Ring

Me: Hello

Guest Services: Hi, this is guest services and I want to congratulate you. You are our Guest of the Week.

Me: Really? WOW! Thank You!

Guest Services: Your welcome! When you have time, we have a gift for you at the front desk.

Me: Really? Ok, I'll tell my husband. Thank you again!

Guest Services: Your welcome! Bye


I was obviously surprised by this unexpected windfall that just fell into our laps. My first thought was, "What kind of gift do we get?". Wouldn't that be everyone first thought? My next thought was, "I didn't know hotels had such things as 'guest of the week'". My final thought was, "I can't wait to tell Victor, this will make his day!".

My first thought I will answer at the end (don't scroll down to the bottom, you have to wait.

My second thought:
"I didn't know hotels had such things as 'guest of the week'". Well, we are proof that they do have things such as this. I don't know if it's just Hilton or not, but we don't care, we are honored just the same. I wonder why we were chosen for guest of the week? Is it because we've been here 1 month and counting? That could be a good reason to honor someone with such a prestigious award. Maybe it's because I only have housekeeping clean our room twice a week. Another good reason, they are saving money. It could be because I do my own laundry in the beautiful laundry facility they provide. Granted they charge 1.00 for washing and 1.00 for drying and the dryer's burned my first load. Hmmm...Maybe they should take the cost of my gift and put it towards decent dryers. Anyway, it could also be that we don't complain when they serve our complimentary dinner every night even though it looks and tastes like it came from a military base. Whatever the reason we are "guest of the week".

My final thought:
"I can't wait to tell Victor, he will be so excited". I couldn't wait to tell my beloved, but my excitement was stomped on when he wasn't excited at all. His comment was "Whatever". I suppose he had had a bad day, but you would think that would cheer him up. He didn't even care to go and get our "gift". I had to bug him all night to go and get it. When he finally did go and get it I anxiously waited in the room pacing the floor with such anticipation I couldn't sit still.
Now my first thought.

My first thought:
What kind of gift do we get? We are staying at Hilton's Homewood Suites. The name Hilton should be a give-a-way as to the financial security of this hotel chain. I mean, Paris HILTON come on. She is sure to give away a beautiful gift. My thoughts raced about maybe a dinner out, maybe a free night stay at our hotel or better yet a free weekend get-a-way at any Hilton Hotel. WOW! I was so excited to see this "gift".

Well, Victor went to the lobby to pick up our "gift" and came back upstairs. I don't know why I didn't go with him. Maybe it's because I was so excited I didn't want to show how excited I was to the hotel staff. He came back to our room and I was like a tiger ready to pounce on him. He said to me, literally, "Do you want to see your "gift"?" I, of course, said YES! He then pulled out of his pocket a very (I mean very small) small gold box of chocolates. That's right a box of chocolates. I opened it up and there were 4 little nuggets inside of it. My excitement must of shown on my face as Victor started uncontrollably laughing. They did give us a pre-printed generic card, but the staff did all sign it. I said "What kind of gift is that?". I then added "Is that all they can do? We are "guests of the week" and they can't do any better than a box of chocolate?" I was heartbroken. Gone were my dreams of a weekend getaway. Heck, I would of settled for a free dinner other than the hotel lobby.

Remember that dryer problem they have? This box of chocolates wouldn't even cover the cost of the drying, remember 1.00. Remember Paris Hilton? No wonder she's so rich, she gives 6 month old chocolates to guests hoping they will return and be so honored that they will want to keep coming back. Moral of story: If you are staying at a large hotel chain and they award you with "Guest of the Week", don't be so excited. You will probably only get the same thing we got, a stale box of chocolates and a pre-printed generic card!

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