Sunday, March 22, 2009

I would call my Autobiography....Because....


Every other Sunday over at Blog Stalkers Unite they have a question that sometimes provide thought provoking questions, other times they questions are fun. This week's question is "I would call my Autobiography.....Because...."

I have actually started a book and it’s called Follow the Firefly’s. Here is an excerpt from the dedication page.

“Follow the Firefly’s is my story of my journey home. To a place I knew every day of my life that existed, a home that would take me 37 years to get to and a home that gave me path’s and glimpses of where I was heading, without even knowing it.

This journey will captivate you as you grow and move along my life’s path to home. May you be respectful of the door you are entering, listen with your heart and watch with your eyes as the kaleidoscope of life gives dramatic colorful images. As you pass a mirror, reflect upon your own life and see into your own heart the longing that’s hiding there. May this book give you the courage to Follow the Firefly’s and find your own journey’s end.

Finally, to my sweet Victor…….If I hadn't followed the fireflies, I would have never found him.”

When it's published I hope you enjoy it!


The Blog Stalker said...


Thanks for participating today! I look forward to the publishing!

B said...

Just checking you out from BSU and I have to say I laughed pretty good at the little tweety bird you've got to the right. That's good.

And the title to your book is catchy.

Debbie said...

Thank you to both of you! I love the tweety bird saying also. It makes me smile and laugh each time I read it.

Grace said...


i look forward to sounds like it will be good.Especially using the firefly in it...sounds great!