Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Is it Salt or Sugar?

When I was growing up playing April Fool's jokes were the best. I could never come up with a great joke though, until I was about 13. My adopted Dad loved to eat Puffed Rice cereal every single morning before he headed off to work. Along with this healthy food he added a TON of sugar. Spoon after spoon of that sweet sugary substance. So that year for April Fool's my step-sister, Naomi, and I decided to exchange the sugar with salt.

So late the night before April 1st we waited until that perfect hour so we could very quietly go to the kitchen and exchange the sugar container with salt. You have to picture that the house was pretty small and their bedroom was right next to ours. You walked a short distance down the hall and you came to the kitchen. Any light sleeper could have heard us even opening our door, let alone getting into cupboards and stuff.

We felt like little Christmas Elves being ever so quiet so we didn't wake the children. We had a hard time staying quiet amongst the laughter that kept swelling inside at the thought of what dear old Dad would find in his cereal in the morning.

So, in super quiet, stealth mode we exchanged the sugar container with salt. Yep, we sure did! Good 'ole Morton Salt. The whole process must of taken us forever to exchange the two, clean up our mess and put everything back in the exact spot it was. I don't remember how long it took, but I remember the excitement of pulling this prank off as the best joke of the year and the anxiety of being caught in the act and what horrible punishment we would get.

As we headed back to our beds we also grabbed a few delicious butterscotch chip cookies my step-mom always made, they were my favorite. It took us forever to get to sleep, we were so proud of ourselves and couldn't wait for the morning when he had his breakfast cereal.

As predicted he awoke in the morning in his usual fashion and got ready for work in his daily routine, not changing one thing. We both laid in bed for the scream and then hoped we weren't in for a good spanking afterwards. The final moment came and as he poured 1/2 cup of sugar on his cereal he soon discovered it was not sugar, but SALT! He let out this horrible scream that I'm sure woke the whole neighborhood and we just laughed and laughed in our little beds. He quickly ran to the kitchen sink and washed his mouth out with water. I remember him roaring at what we did. We didn't care, we were feeling so full of pride that the prank worked. We were stars!

We never did get in trouble for it, but he wasn't very amused to say the least. He left for work as usual, but I don't think he ate his cereal that morning, probably afraid of what he would find in the salt shaker (sugar of course). However, the best part was when my step-mom laughed at the little joke we played and said something to him like "that will show you". She was extra happy that morning as we got up and readied ourselves for school.

I am sure that this man never, ever forgot the best April Fool's joke of the century, I know we didn't.

Moral of the story: If you like cup after cup of sugar on your cereal in the morning, you might want to check to see if it is indeed sugar before you pour it on your cereal.

Now, please leave me a comment on the best practical joke you played on someone or received on April 1st.


Shauna said...

I am new here! What a great blog :)

Debbie said...

Shauna, Welcome to blogland! I hope you have as much fun blogging as I do.

Grace said...

i loved your post..i have never been good with coming up with great april fool's day pranks. i do remember one time my brother had us convinced that their was a dead raccoon on our front porch..we all ran to the door and boy did he get us...i guess i was gullible :)