Monday, April 6, 2009

I won a giveaway!

Several weeks ago I entered a giveaway at Frugal Coupon Living, which is one of my favorite blogs. Ashley at Frugal Coupon Living had been on the Dr. Phil (check out her segment here) show a few weeks before her giveaway and was teaching people how to save money using coupons. After seeing her on Dr. Phil I checked out her website and became addicted to the coupon world.

I had not been a couponer, but scouring blog after blog on how to save money I made a committment to be more frugal in my spending and help lower our household expenses. I don't care if you well off and the recession hasn't hurt you like it has many of us, but why not use coupons?...they are FREE money.

I have had a slow start to couponing, frustrated by being in Virginia for 6 weeks and not needing to grocery shop I was eager to go home and start my new found friend. My first trip to the grocery store where I used coupons I saved $19.27 off my total bill. Now, I am a very new beginner, but I was so excited about how much I did save.

So, the giveaway. Ashley received a gift from Carolina Pad which she showed on the Dr. Phil show and showed everyone her method for clipping coupons and the Carolina Pad product was one of her favorites. So, seveal weeks ago Carolina Pad agreed to sponsor a giveaway to Ashley's bloggers. I eagerly made all my entries and waited with anticipation for the deadline to come to an end. I was hopeful that I would win and get my couponing organized. So, I waited and waited until one day I get this e-mail.

"You are ONE of my TEN Carolina Pad Giveaway Winners (out of more than 1100 entries!!!) Luck must be on your side!
April at Carolina Pad will be contacting you to get your choice and mailing address. If you would like to go ahead and contact her, her email address is (I took this out)
Congratulations again,
PS you can see the post here with the winners listed.


I was so excited and couldn't believed I won such a great giveaway. I've been waiting to receive my giveaway so I could blog about it and it came this morning. What I received was the following: Index Card Box w/24 blank tab dividers, 2 fashon ballpoint pens, Stick-On notes & flags, 13-pocket accordion folder, 3 ring binder, a small notebook, 5 decorative tab dividers, an organization folder w/8 full size pockets, a chic peechee and 12 decorative file folders. I hit the mother lode and I now can get all my coupons organized and be on my way to money saving trips to the stores. My resolve is to never pay full price for anything again. If it isn't on sale or I don't have a coupon, then I will not buy it.

Here are a list of my other favorite coupon/freebie blogs:

I hope you enjoy and join me in coupon world!

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