Saturday, May 30, 2009

Kroger: May 29, 2009

I went to my local Kroger store yesterday and this is the loot I got: 2 Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce, 2 French's mustard, 20 packs of Kool-Aid, 4 containers of Country Time lemonade, 2 tube's of colgate, 4 frozen Green Giant vegetables, 3 Dial hand soap, 2 packs of Angel Soft TP, 3 bottles of Weber Grilling Spices, 3 Glass Plus, 4 giant Hershey chocolate bars (my all time weakness), a pack of Red Vines and a dozen eggs (not shown). Everything was on sale except for the Red Vines. I had coupons for everything except the Red Vines, Eggs and chocolate bars.

Total retail was $78.54 and I spent $16.88. That is a 80% savings!

I was so excited and tickled at myself. I think that diva thing is coming!


Grace said...

that is great are a coupon queen!! I need to be better at couponing...I know a lady that spends 20-40 bucks each shopping trip with coupons..without the coupons her bill would be 200-300 bucks...

Me said...

It doesn't matter how many coupons I clip..I am never that successful. Whats the secret?