Monday, June 1, 2009

Today's weigh in was at 215. I suspect that I would be losing more, but I can't stop eating pizza and chocolate. I hope that they pizza hut and chocolate in heaven...I would be lost without either.
I'm not doing anything specifically. I just eat little portions and other than my splurges I eat ok. I could improve it, but I'm content at the moment. I am finding that I can only work on one change in my life at a time, otherwise I get overwhelmed and then I get sick. Lately, it's been my face. I'm so tired of big pores, blotchy red patches and acne that I have thrust myself into a face care system. I need to be consistent and consistency is something I struggle with, so I am just trying to focus on cleaning my face at the moment and watching my weight on the side. I suppose my Widdle-A-Way adventure is not just about weight loss, it is revolving into improving myself and increasing my self-esteem. I'm all for that! So, next week I'm sure I will have widdled away something else.

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