Saturday, June 13, 2009

Organizing Part II

After I finished with my kitchen pantry, I then tackled my spice cupboard. It too wasn't in bad shape, but the unorganized mess was getting on my nerves and after my pantry turned out so well I felt confident my spice cabinet would turn out just as well. Here is the before pictures:

And After...

Now, I did cheat a little bit because the entire top shelf before was all of Victor's special spices from his travels around the world. I don't cook with those and he doesn't use them very much either, so I removed them to a new spot in the kitchen (no, not the garbage). That freed up that entire top shelf for me.

I feel sorry for Victor because when he was home last he made a comment that I needed to give him a tour of his house because he no longer knew where everything is. He loves it, but can't find a thing. Funny, since it's all labeled, but I understand that when something looks totally different you can't really see what you are looking for because your in such shock. I have also completed all my drawers and they are all clean and organized similar to my cupboards. My kitchen organization project is onto the bathrooms.

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Grace said...

debbie it looks you want to come and help me organize my kitchen cupboards? :)