Monday, March 30, 2009


Drum roll please...........................My weigh in today was 226! That means, yes....I have lost 3 pounds this past week, with a grand total of 4 pounds.. Help me celebrate! I'm sure you can imagine my excitement as I peered over my blooming bossoms and saw the scale read 226. I actually moved the scale to several different spots in the bathroom to make sure I wasn't seeing things. I also weighed myself several times to check to make sure I still wasn't seeing things.

I had a pretty good feeling that when I came home from Virginia I would do better with my eating and it has shown. I only exercised once last week and haven't since I've been home, unless you consider cleaning a ton of dust bunnies off of my furniture.

My hope for this week is to continue to stay on tract with my eating and do some walking in the beautiful weather we are having here in Central Ohio. It would be good to get out and enjoy the weather and birdies chirping. I really enjoy that.

Until next week....If you are trying to Widdle-A-Way leave a comment or link to your own post so that I can follow your success and I can support you!!!!!


Debbie said...

In all of my excitement I discovered I can't add very well. My starting weight was 229, so I've lost 3 pounds all together. I don't care, I will still celebrate and hope you do too!

Loralee and the gang... said...

Good for you!!! You did better than me, I think!

Grace said...

good for you Debbie! What are you doing to try and lose? What type of foods are you giving up? I have a friend who lost 60 lbs..she gave up all pastas, white foods such as white rice, white bread, potatos and refined processed foods. I need to be better motivated...maybe we can help each other!

Debbie said...

Grace, Thank you for the encouragement. Eating out all the time in Virginia really hurt me and I actually gained about 10 pounds when I was there. So, that has stopped totally and that will help. I've cut out my candy intake drastically. I did weight watchers last year and they said that you can still have what you love, just in moderation. I did well on their program, but lost motivation. So, I am back at counting points and watching my portion sizes. It will be a hard battle for me, but I am at least trying.